Current healthcare models have unintentionally neglected the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the dying. The focus on the physical aspects of dying has produced a deprivation of tradition and skill in tending to the soul through sacred practices and ceremonial observances throughout the final transition process.

Our goal is to assist and educate families in traditions that will allow for a greater heart-centered connection with the family member that is making their transition and to provide the confidence needed to tend to them with compassion and respect.

Through group workshops, private sessions, family system healings and speaking engagements, Peaceful Soul Transitions offers the opportunity to explore healing techniques and the creation of sacred healing space to foster shared death experiences and conscious dying.

End-of-Life Care

We initiate families to become the shamans for their own loved ones in transition. The role of the shaman is simply to facilitate an end-of-life experience for the whole family that is deeply bonding and filled with peace, love and grace. This is accomplished by gently releasing attachments and suffering in order to step into a state of greater expansion and soul consciousness; transforming grief and loss. All family members that choose can enter into an intimate shared space that will transform the experience of grief loss into one of union and conscious awareness of deep universal connectivity and purpose. This is the shared death experience.