What is shamanism?

Shamanism addresses the spiritual dimension of illness by accessing the dimensions of the soul that  may be wounded. According to Ingerman (2014), “There are three common causes of illness in the shaman’s worldview. A person may have lost his or her power, causing depression, chronic illness, or a series of misfortunes. In this case, the shaman journeys to restore that person’s lost power. Or a person may have lost part of their soul or essence, causing soul loss, which sometimes occurs during an emotional or physical trauma, such as accidents, surgery, abuse, the trauma of war, being in a natural disaster, divorce, the death of a loved one, or other traumatic circumstances that cause shock. Soul loss can result in dissociation, post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, illness, immune deficiency problems, addictions, unending grief, or coma. Soul loss can prevent us from creating healthy relationships and the life we truly wish to live. It is the role of the shaman to track down the parts that have fled and been lost due to trauma by performing a soul retrieval ceremony. Another cause of illness from a shamanic perspective would be any spiritual blockages or negative energies a client has taken on due to the loss of his or her power or soul. These spiritual blockages also cause illness, usually in a localized area of the body. It is the role of the shaman to extract and remove these harmful energies from the body.”

Individual Sessions

Shamanic sessions may range from 90 minute to 3 hours of intense individual work pending on the needs of each individual. It is best to schedule ample time for shamanic session. These sessions may be held within your home, in nature, or within the safety of my office. Typically shamanic sessions require ample integration time and it is suggested that a few weeks are provided between sessions to allow for ample integration. Individual session may include:

  • Soul retrieval
  • Reestablishing the order of love in a family system
  • Cleansing and extraction

Group Work

Personalized ceremonies, sweat lodges, vision quests, shamanic walks, and council work are all important processes favoring group and inner exploration. Trained in the Kalaalit Eskimo tradition, as well as from various traditions from around the world, these journeys may be requested accordingly on a per need basis.