“Working with Anne-Marie is equivalent to 9-months’ worth of talk therapy. If you’re serious about taking care of personal issues/baggage, Anne-Marie’s the perfect spirit to help guide you with your journey and eliminate blockages with genuine love and support.”


You’ve taken the first step in changing your life in a positive way.
To schedule your appointment call: 805.708.6363

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Please feel free to request a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to discuss any question you may have regarding your needs, may it be therapeutic, shamanic, or ceremonial. Once you are ready to make an initial appointment, simply contact me via phone at 805.708.6363 or by email at anne.marie.charest@me.com. Appointments are scheduled weekdays from 8:00 to 5:00 PM. Evening or weekend hours can also be arranged to accommodate your busy schedule.

Initial Meeting Consultation

Your first session will involve evaluating your goals and needs. Whether you are seeking traditional psychotherapy or counseling, shamanic work, or other supportive services, together we will establish the best approach for you. Typically this initial session rages from 90 minutes to 2 hours to properly gain a overview of the personal landscape that needs to be addressed together. This time is also used to explain overall philosophical approaches and practices within my scope of expertise.

Follow-up Appointments

The frequency and duration of sessions are based on individual needs.


Individual therapy is the foundation of recovery and improving psychological and emotional wellness. Follow-up appoint are typically scheduled on a weekly basis for meetings of 50 minutes in duration. The frequency and duration of therapy sessions can be adjusted upon request to help meet individual needs.

Shamanic Consultation

Shamanic sessions may range from 90 minute to 6 hours of intense individual work pending on the needs of each individual. It is best to schedule ample time for shamanic session. These sessions may be held within your home, in nature, or within the safety of my office. Typically shamanic sessions require ample integration time and it is suggested that a few weeks are provided between sessions to allow for ample integration.

How Much Does a Session Cost?

Personal growth involves a commitment of time, energy, and money. For many, it’s customary to accept fees associated with medical bill or paying for the cost of a new outfit, but not for psychological and emotional wellbeing. Like any other expenses necessary for one’s self-care, psychotherapy and counseling expenses should be discussed openly.

My standard fees range from $200 for an initial visit and $110 per session for subsequent psychotherapy visit and $110 dollars per hour for shamanic sessions. To cater to all income levels, I also offer a sliding scale fee based on individual needs.

To maximize our time together, payments are requested upon reservation of the appointment and cash, credit card/debit card, paypal and personal check are accepted. Cancellation of appointments 24 hours in advance are reimbursed or rescheduled accordingly.

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At this time I do not take insurance plans.