What distinguishes Peaceful Soul Transitions from other hospice services is that we do not view our clients as “patients.”  Rather, we see them as unique individuals with their own beautiful history and cosmology, which we intricately weave into end-of-life care.  By honoring and respecting cultural values and family traditions and carefully listening and attending to the wishes of the dying and those of the family, we foster a healthy, healing environment necessary for the processing of grief.  Our understanding of death is that it can be an exquisitely spiritual experience, one of equal measure to birth.  Who would not want their loved one to cross that threshold in a state of great acceptance, peace, and joy?

Peaceful Soul Transitions offers support for families and for the persons they love who are preparing for death.

List of Services: Description Benefits Emotional Benefit
Assessment of end-of-life needs for family members and the dying. Provide families a comprehensive evaluation of end-of-life needs. Proactive rather than reactive in nature.Offers an overview of needs.Provides the necessary tools to ensure peaceful dying. Created peace of mind through proper planning.
Counseling Service  (Individuals and Groups) We provide counseling services for the entire family to address the psychological and emotional needs of family members This allows family members to process unfinished business, thus giving more room to the soul of the dying person to transition peacefully.Support regulation of the autonomic nervous system. A greater sense of inner peace as acceptance, completion, forgiveness is achieved.Feeling of being understood.
Home Transition Care and Planning Individualized home care and end-of life planning Personalized approach.Helps family members to mentally prepare for various situations. Although we may never feel ready for the death of a loved one, planning allows to greater ease of transition.
Educational Training Programs Our educational programs are designed to empower the family to become the best provider of home care. Offer tools for self-care managementDemystifies the process of in home dyingProviding valuable resources for peaceful transitions Helps family members understand what they should expect.Empowers family members to make healthy decisions.
End-of-Life Soul Assistance Our end-of-life doula’s provide bed side support for graceful soul. transitioning. More peaceful transitions. Serenity
Creating Sacred Space for in home end-of life care. Sacred environments are created where the surroundings foster a peaceful transitions while honoring the unique characteristics of the dying person. Offers intimacy, honoring, respect, and a more conducive environment for peaceful transitions. Soothe the soul of the dying person and their loved ones.

How Can we Help?

Are you experiencing fear as the death of a loved one grows more eminent?

Through our meditation program, we offer practices that will relieve the physical and mental experiences of anxiety and fear, and our experiential exercises will helps you demystify the effect of fear associated with death. This in turn will offer a greater capacity to positively influence a peaceful bedside experience for your family member.

Are you overwhelmed by the logistics involved with end-of-life care?

We give you peace of mind by coordinating all necessary end-of-life services on your behalf.

What if death was accompanied by JOY?

We offer regular support groups to develop skills which support the death transition spiritually and help family members arrive at a shared death experience, which in itself offers immeasurable joy.

Are you experiencing grief and loss?

Our compassionate approach supports all aspects of bereavement. Through a holistic and whole-person approach where soul, body, mind, and emotions are all tended to delicately.