Eco Psychology

Nature is as essential to humankind as water is to a fish. Eco psychology studies the relationship between humans and the natural world through ecological and psychological principles. It also seeks to develop an understanding of how nature shapes our emotional states and helps foster a deeper connection to self. It has been found that through our connections with nature, individuals improve their interpersonal relationship and emotional wellbeing.

An integral part of the eco psychology practice is to remove psychotherapy, and the individual, from the interior of office buildings and homes and place them outdoors. By doing so, we invite individuals to connect in a profound way to the unitive concept of interrelationship to all. By exploring the emotional bonds with nature, individuals are invited to reestablish an emotional bond to our mother, Mother Earth. Through such transformative experiences, we begin healing the split between planet and self which often plagues modern society. Ecological considerations are addressed while re-establishing a new relationship of respect from the inside out.

Areas of Development Include:

  • Healing influences of nature
  • Development of the collective self
  • Re-establishing developmental attachment concerns
  • Establishing earth-based spiritual practices
  • Creating healthy alternatives to materialism and consumerism
  • Ecological education

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