For thousands of years shamanism was the primary method of healing prior to the advent of modern medicine and psychology. “The term shamanism is commonly used to refer to a complex of practices of a micro-religious character concerned primarily with what may be called, in our modern Western idiom, psycho-spiritual and psychosomatic healing” (Smith, 2007).

Fear of Death

Much like the ebb and flow of tides in nature, the miraculous cycle of life continues to unfold in each breath, where both life and death reside hand in hand. For most Westerners, our human experience keeps us at bay from embracing death on a moment to moment basis, maintaining the illusion of permanence and


Fascination with death and the afterlife has taunted man since the beginning of time.  Much of this fascination has been expressed through the exploration of mythology, rituals, and shamanic practices that date back thousands of years. Examples of ancient teachings concerning death have been depicted in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan