To schedule an appointment, please contact me at: 805.708.6363.

How Much Does a Session Cost?

Personal growth involves a commitment of time, energy, and money. For many, it’s customary to accept fees associated with medical bill or paying for the cost of a new outfit, but not for psychological and emotional wellbeing. Like any other expenses necessary for one’s self-care, psychotherapy and counseling expenses should be discussed openly.

My standard fees range from $200 for an initial visit and $85 per session for subsequent psychotherapy visit and $120 dollars per hour for shamanic sessions. To cater to all income levels, I also offer a sliding scale fee based on individual needs.

To maximize our time together, payments are requested upon reservation of the appointment and cash, credit card/debit card, paypal and personal check are accepted. Cancellation of appointments 24 hours in advance are reimbursed or rescheduled accordingly.

Please choose form the various options below:    

Click here INITIAL VISIT (200.00) 


Click here SINGLE SESSION (85.00)

CLICK HERE TO PAY (for a package session – 10 sessions Prepaid– BUY  NOW (800.00)


Click here Shamanic Session (120.00)


Click here Half Day Ceremony (350.00)


At this time I do not take insurance plans.