Peaceful Soul Transitions OwnerAnne-Marie Charest, PhD

Somatic Psychology
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About Dr. Charest



My passion is helping people “Dive into the Divine” through the exploration of self and others so they may awaken to their full potential and witness their immense beauty within. Often this potential is blanketed by layers of trauma, pain or fear. Recognizing that such experiences, whether psychological, emotional, or physical are reflected in body language, posture, movement, and expression shifts, my work uses the wisdom of the soma (body) to gently shift the expression of the soul to allow greater fluidity and flow in life. Through a variety of Easter and Western approaches including Somatic and Transpersonal practices, my gentle loving feminine approach supports an unlayering that frees individuals from the confines of their limited belief systems. As a bridge walker between science and spirituality, I incorporate modalities from both ancient Eastern cultures with those of modern science to offer a holistic therapeutic model where body, mind, and spirit are taken into account.

Anne-Marie Charest is a doctor in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University who researched mindfulness, embodied compassion, shamanic practices, and the art of transcendence. Her passion for the lived expression of spirituality as well as her shamanic practices has led her to solicit the re-introduction and revival of ancient shamanic rituals in Western culture. Through her organization, The Peaceful Soul Transitions, individuals are taught to explore the divine through daily embodied practices, mindfulness, and positive psychological approaches. In addition to her knowledge and studies in Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology, Anne-Marie was formally trained through the shamanic teachings of the Kalaalit Eskimo traditions of the far North, Greenland.